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Animals are very in tune to their humans, and we yearn for a deeper communication and connection with our animal friends. People contact Constance to assist with this communication and connection.

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What clients are saying about working with me

You said some amazing things that no one should have known except Shadow, but I knew you would.

Joan S.

We just can't thank you enough for telling us where we would find Gray.

Cathy R.

Constance brought me so much comfort, insight, and compassion into what was happening with my cat, Miss Nora, when she was showing signs that she was hungry but would not eat. I thought it was from a liver issue she was diagnosed with and assumed it was getting progressively worse. I was looking for guidance on Nora's wishes thinking she was nearing the end of her life. Constance shared that Nora had pain in her ear area and down her throat, and that the acute situation could be remedied. I got Nora to the vet the next day to find out it was an inner ear infection which I never would have guessed as she gave no indication her ear was bothering her. I'm eternally grateful to Constance and her help with Miss Nora. Thank you so much for working with us and sharing your gift. Nora got an antibiotic and is happily eating and able to enjoy her meals again

Amanda V.

I got so much out of it.", "I was very touched. She was so informative" and a follow up from another client let us know that within a week the predicted eye problem to watch for did occur. The owner was amazed. I hope to make Constance's visit with my clients an often occurence.

Karon C. owner of Hot Dogs Cool Cats

My sweet boy, Hunter, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 3, 2018 at 3:10pm. Saying goodbye is never easy; I forgot just how difficult it is to do so. Our journey with Constance began with an incredible reading last year (2017). The connection I felt with Constance at the first reading was indescribable mainly because of her connection with Hunter. She shared countless things with me during that time that she otherwise wouldn’t have known if not for Hunter sharing them with her. Knowing what I know now, that I only had 4.5 months remaining with Hunter, I would have given him more steak and green beans – that was the first thing Hunter told Constance at our reading last year. I’m simply not sure how to explain how special Constance is to me. Hunter was everything to me and losing him broke my heart. Constance met with me and my mom almost a week after losing Hunter. When I first saw Constance for our reading on May 9, 2018 she was crying, she had already connected with Hunter prior to our arrival. Again, the level of information that she shared with us was remarkable. But, for me, the level of peace that Constance gave me that night will forever remain in my heart. Words are simply inadequate to express just how special she is as a person. The fact that she can help us, the humans of those we love, understand what our pets want and need to express to us is such a blessing, a true gift from God. Because of Hunter, I’ve met so many wonderful people. I’m so thankful that Hunter was the reason that I was fortunate enough to meet Constance.

Ashley S.

I don't know how you know but I am so blessed for it. You nailed it!! Item located. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Virginia D