Constance Frankenberg

I have shared nonverbal communication with animals since childhood. Pet psychic, animal/interspecies communicator name what I do but for me the gift of communicating with animals is so much more expansive and beyond description. It was years ago while attending an animal communcation workshop, when I was able to connect with an animal through a photograph and receive the answers to three questions that I finally accepted my gift as such and no longer doubted the information I was receiving. 
During a reading I receive information through all of my senses and a "knowing". Perhaps I feel a pain in my tooth when the dog has a tooth problem or I see an image of the  favorite toy or treat or I might hear  words as if the animal I am communicating with has a human voice. It is a gift for me to be able to interact with the animal kingdom in this manner and I never take it lightly. It is a gift I am so very grateful to know and share.

I live  on Florida's east coast and when not working with animals or rescue organizations I can be found walking the beach or nature trails, playing the didjeridu, writing a story or working with other women to foster and support a stronger united community. 

I am a strong supporter and advocate of rescue organization and regularly donate readings to fundraising events.

Animal Communication classes are taught throughout the year, and I offer workshops, and one on one mentoring.  

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